• Formwork system for concrete pavements;
  • Load transfer between adjacent slabs;
  • Effective joint arris protection;
  • Improvement of slab design.

Ideal for:
Warehouses of logistics operators or industrial units where the floor is submitted to high static and dynamic loads.


          • Joint Orientation;
          • Floor levelling guide;
          • Division of large areas in order to allow the pouring of smaller areas;
          • Support for vibrating screed;
          • Reinforcement of joint arris with rectangular steel bars;
          • Loads transfer between adjacent slabs ensured by load transmission bars (Dowels);
          • Ensure clear movement in longitudinal and transversal direction;
          • Allow the use of prefabricated intersection units: 90⁰ (L) corners, “T” and “+” intersections.


  • Greater protection of joint arris;
  • Arris braking caused by impacts of wheels passing over the joint is reduced;
  • Reduction of maintenance work;
  • Load transfer in a discontinuous way using the use of dowels;
  • Improve the performance of slabs;
  • Reduction of crack propagation;
  • Fast levelling using the MGSI® leveller;
  • Extremely sturdy, quick and easy to apply;
  • Reduction of effort and time in the assembly of the system;
  • By promoting the load transfer between confining slabs, the use of dowels decreases the stresses on the slab in its most unfavourable load situations: Loading at edges and corners, allowing the use of thinner slabs.

Intersection units:

The most vulnerable zone of the slabs lies at the joints intersection. MGSI® joints effectively contribute to a significant increase in the strength of these points.

The ALPHA MGSI® System is characterized by its versatility, with several types of joint intersections available: 90 ° (L), “T” and “+” corners.

The system allows parallel movements to the joint line in order to avoid cracks in the slab edges. This aspect is of extreme importance for these areas due to the natural concrete shrinkage .

There is the possibility of adding a compressible material to allow greater dilatation of the slab.