Lost formwork system for concrete floors

Joint bottom protected: Prevents the accumulation of debris!

  • No impact at the joint;
  • Fast and easy.
    • No noise;
    • Low maintenance.


Made for:

Warehouses of logistic operators or industrial units where:

          • Handling of fragile loads;
          • Pavement under high static and dynamic loads;
          • Option in STAINLESS STEEL to fulfill the requirements of the Food and pharmaceutical industry.


        • Joint orientation;
        • Floor leveling guide;
        • Division of the floor in slabs making possible its individual paving;
        • Protection of arris joint;
        • Load transfer between adjacent slabs ensured by load transmission bars;
        • Prevents the accumulation of debris in the joint bottom.


        • Quick levelling using the MGSI® leveler;
        • Without impact on the transition between slabs and consequently noise reduction and smoother transport over the joint;
        • Reduction of maintenance work due to the absence of impacts on the edges of the slab;
        • Transfer of loads in a discontinuous way using the use of transmission bars (Dowels);
        • Improves slab performance;
        • Reduction of crack propagation;
        • Reduction of effort and time of system assembly;
        • Extremely sturdy, fast and easy to apply;
        • By promoting the load transfer between confining slabs the use of dowels decreases the slab stresses in its most unfavorable loading situations, loading in edges and corners, thus allowing the use of thinner slabs.

Concrete floors with SINUSPROTECT MGSI® JOINT:

Keywords: Floor contraction joints, Industrial slab on ground, expansion joint in concrete floors.