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MGSI® - Concrete Pavement Equipment



Fundo bipais

Double ride-on
power trowels


Fundo piso

Hardener Spreader MGSI®

Pavimento serrado Serras de Corte



The best option for industrial concrete pavement equipment

MGSI’s main activity is the manufacture of machines, expansion/construction joints and other equipment for concrete industrial pavements.

MGSI’s main activity is the manufacture of machines, expansion/construction joints and other equipment for concrete industrial pavements.

In order to outstand in the market and to reveal the continuous concern with our customers, in 2015 MGSI® is certified according to NP EN ISO 9001:2008 Certification of the Quality Management System including the manufacturing process and services.

MGSI® machines and equipment are used in the execution of industrial concrete floors and result from a rigorous and permanent process of selection of raw materials and suppliers, which allows to respond to customer needs based on legal requirements (CE marking, among others).

With more than 20 years of experience in the area, the technical capacity of our team and the daily requirement in our production process are the guarantee of a product that meets requirements such as durability and strength. Thus, we produce machines that give the industrial floor an excellent finish.

We complement our activity through the development of a complete range of products necessary for the proper execution of the floors, such as metal formwork and expansion and construction joints that, in addition to protecting joints, allow effective load transfers between floors.

The distribution of MGSI® products is handled also by our strategic partners, and members of MGSI, Lda. Group: “MGSI – Casa del Pavimentador España, S. L.” (providing the Spanish market) and “MGSI France, SAS” (providing mainly the French market).

MGSI® considers the choice of its partners as a key success factor and in this way continuously establishes partnerships with representatives of MGSI® products with leading companies in the national and international markets.

MGSI® has a Technical Department and a Quality Department that are focused to market needs and constantly updated legal requirements.

Products with the MGSI® brand have been applied in reference works with high technical performance (logistic platforms, industrial units, warehouses, among others)